The new Taiwan cuisine brand COOLLOSA, which located at Quận 11, Phường 15, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Clean, hipster and elegant store decoration, serve delicious Risotto and Tempura set meal. COOLLOSA just newly opened on 14th Feb 2019 and become most popular restaruant immediately! Most of customer feedback food source are fresh and well worth it’s value. All of source and sauce are import from Taiwan and Japan to provide high quality and authentic taste for HCMC’s epicure!

For the new store food storage request, customer contact YAO-HUI for the freezer room. With completed design rack, customer can get larger storage spzce, more efficially cooler power, more clear view to manager werehouse. So many advantage for the restaurant, all of your demand can be full fill by us! Contact us, and get your plant/store new layout!