PE Coated Steel

PE coated steel is steel with two-side 2C2B (2 coat 2 bake) Polyester coating system. PE coated steel can be used in majority chemical industrial districts, which is common use in polyurethane insulation panel.


PVC Coated Steel

PVC board, plastisol respectively on the substrates of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, 5% Al-Zn alloy coated steel and 55% Al-Zn alloy coated steel. The physical properties of PVC coated steel have superb corrosion resistance and formability. The polyurethane insulation panel with PVC coated steel is common use in high corrosion purpose polyurethane insulation panel.


PU is a low thermal conductivity material and moldable. PU is traditionally and most commonly used in the manufacture of temperature insulation material.

Material characteristic of PU as below list:

  • Good temperature insulation and sound absorption.
  • High strength and low weight.
  • PU has strong peeling force after lamination with others material (e.g. metal, wood, glass, ceramics).
  • Good chemical stability after curing.
  • Green product
Material Thickness
Thermal Conductivity
Btu in/ft2h°F
Polyurethane 25 0.021~0.023 0.12~0.14
Styrofoam 40 0.026~0.029 0.15~0.17
Softwood 140 0.040~0.043 0.40~0.43
Mineral wool 45 0.033~0.035 0.24~0.26
Glass 65 0.031~0.034 0.23~0.26
Concrete 380 0.20~0.25 0.30~0.35