Vietnam ABC Bakery

ABC (Asia Bakery Confectionery) Bakery, the most popular bakery in
Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh city. Not only sell cakes & breadin store, but also the most reliable supplier for Starbucks, McDonald’s, KFC, LOTTERIA, Domino, Circle K covenience sotre, etc.

Many delicious and adorable cake by ABC bakery.

For the high quality cake and bread supply, ABC bakery build a specific central kitchen and set up a multi kind bake production line with constant temperature and humidity-controlled freezer storage room for fermentation, preservation and storage of various bread snacks. To provide quality and stable pastry, ABC ask Yaohui for the storage freezer room plan and build.

The wall and floor panel can set close to original building celling without gap.
Refrigeration unit (include evaporator and condenser), and accessory, all of assembly have professional engineer and technical on-site.
Door can be adjust by customer request. We have single door, enlarge door, sliding door, etc. can be choose.